Benefits Of Raw Red Onion


The onion, this is not some rare items again. Everyone certainly know one of the ingredients that make a lot of eyes crying while being cut it down. Almost all the dishes use onions for completeness or spice to make the sense of fitting in accordance with cuisine of the tongue. Even the fried shallots or ordinary we call fried onions, a favorite of the majority of society because it tastes very delicious savory and combined with some dishes. When in fact, the onion will be more efficacious when consumed in a State still raw and uncooked.

Here are some benefits of onions consumed raw in a State that will be obtained by the body:

Overcoming Constipation
For some people who experience constipation then the need to consume raw onions in a State. This is done because onions can help prses disposal of toxins in the body. So the process in case of constipation, then it should try to solve it using a raw onion.

Prevent The Occurrence Of Cancer
Diketahuai cancer as one of the dangerous diseases that can lead to death. For that many researchers are looking for an alternative medicine to treat cancer. Some experts mentioned that the content of sulphur compounds in garlic can prevent the occurrence of cancer. The active compounds in the raw onion is useful to inhibit the development of cancer cells that exist in the body. So for the prevention of cancer, need to be consumed raw red onion, so that cancer cells cannot thrive and cause more severe illness again. In addition to sulfur compounds, raw onion also has a sulphur content that can protect the tubub of some cancers such as cancer of the stomach, colon, breast and lung prostate as well.

Healthy Heart
Methylallyl Sufida content and sulfur amino acid that is in onions are known to lower levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Many consume raw onions will make the cholesterol levels in the body becomes normal and makes the blood circulation is not compromised, so that it can improve heart health. In addition to existing content in onion can also control the high blood pressure that often occurs for some communities and also beneficial opening blocked arteries. That’s megapa, all sellers of raw red onion adds sate in sliced marinade Satay. This is because the actual sate that has burned bad cholesterol and contain iron which is very high. For that, the seller adds the onion in bumbunya to neutralize the kolestreol that goes in the body when eating Satay.

Controlling Diabetes
Diabetes is a disease caused by a lack of insulin production in the body. While the existing content in the raw onion serves to increase insulin production in the body. To that end, for diabetics can consume raw red onion on a regular basis to keep your insulin levels that exist in the body to promote health especially for diabetics.

Bleeding Problems
Bleeding that often experienced bleeding in the nose or that we often call mimisen can be cured by using slices of raw red onion. It’s easy, by inhaling a sliced raw shallots, blood coming out of his nose will stop. In addition to treating mimisen, raw red onions are also believed to be very effective in treating hemorrhoids hemorrhoids or by any other name.

The benefits of reading books in my Life

The benefits of reading books in my Life
The benefits of reading books in my Life

The book is a window to the world, and the activity of reading a book is a way to open the window so we can know more about the world that we haven’t figured out earlier. Such activities can be conducted by anyone, children, adolescents, adults, and elderly people who have.

The book is a source of a variety of information that can open our insights about things like science, economic, social, cultural, political, or other aspects of life. In addition, by reading, it can help change the future, and can add intelligence and intellect of our minds. manfaat membaca al quran

Without us even knowing, the benefits of reading books can provide a lot of inspiration for us. But unfortunately the activity of reading books lately has been much overlooked many quarters by reason of busyness, or because of the media that are more practical to get information such as television, radio, and internet media.

Here are some of the benefits of reading books that we can get besides a brain mempercerdas. among them:

1. To stimulate Mental

The brain is one of the organs of the body memrlukan exercises in order to stay strong and healthy like other organs. By reading the book can keep the brain in order to stay active so it can perform its functions properly. Some studies have shown that by reading the book can stimulate mental can even prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

2. Can reduce Stress

After a day of doing the daily routine is exhausting, not infrequently it can trigger the onset of stress. By performing the activity of reading can be done for a few minutes can help suppress the development of stress hormones such as cortisol. By reading can make the mind more relaxed so that it can help lower stress levels up to 67%.

In addition to relaxation, with reading a book can bring inner peace and tranquility. Reading can lower blood pressure and has been proven to help people who suffer from mood disorders and mental illness. This is the benefit of reading the book that many people ignore, many people beanggapan that read the book thus making the brain continues to work and stressful, but the benefits of reading books is reducing stress.

3. Add Insight and knowledge

By reading the book can fill our heads about a wide range of new information that had not yet we know that most likely it can be useful to us later. The more knowledge we have, then we will be better prepared to face the challenges of life both in the present and in the foreseeable future.

Moreover, science is a very valuable thing that can never be lost even though we lose other things in the world, such as property, objects, and more. Stories or ideas that are contained in a book that we read can help to pave the way our mind to better know the other world, get more pemahama than ever.

4. Can add Vocabulary

More and more activities to read the book, then the more we get the explanation of things not yet we know, and can increase the amount of vocabulary that we can use in our daily lives. This of course can be helpful for us to be able to articulate, help deliver opinions with straightforward language, and can increase the confidence at the moment to talk with others.

5. Can improve the quality of the memory

By reading the book may give participation to enhance the quality of our brain in the process of remembering, a variety of things we’ve read. For example, the character, background, history, ambition, or a range of elements or the plot of every story line. Each memory can help to forge pathways of the brain and strengthen it. In addition, by doing activities reading can stabilize mood of the person.

By reading the book can help exercise the brain to its full potential rather than just watching television or listening to the radio. A President Director of research of Haskins Laboratories named Ken Pugh, PhD said that the habit of reading the book can stimulate the brain to think and concentrate.

6. Train the skills to Think and analyze

The benefits of reading books can train the brain to be able to think more critically as well as analyze the existence of problems that are present in what we read. We like to get access or road to be able to get into the plot and assist in the resolution of the story. It can help to develop our character in the future.

7. Can improve focus and concentration

Upon reading the book, we can train the brain to better focus and concentrate on what we read. This will train

The breakfast errors can increase weight loss

The breakfast errors can increase weight loss
The breakfast errors can increase weight loss

Breakfast is useful to keep your metabolism remained normal throughout the day. The breakfast is very important, because it should be done properly with the correct portion of the choice and the correct amount.

Avoid errors when breakfast like this, because it could mess up your metabolism and make weight gain risk rises.
1. Error: past the breakfast seems like a shortcut to lose weight. In fact, not at all.

Researchers at Imperial College London found, people who skip breakfast, in their brains that set the reward part became active. This is what causes the brain so imagine sweet and full of carbs.

FIX: Try not to skip breakfast. If the problem is time, try to equip yourself with a snack bar low in sugar and calories as well as fruit such as bananas and apples.
2. The mistake: you rely on food berkarbohidrat for high energy sources.

Eat cake muffin with kopi nothing seems wrong. But, most of the cake-like muffins and cakes, contain high sugar levels exceed the maximum number allowed by the health sciences i.e. 24 grams per day or the equivalent of six teaspoons.

Typically, muffin contains 44 grams of sugar.

FIX: you don’t have to completely avoid sugar if you want it. Just reduce the portions. For example, add the dark chocolate into Your breakfast cereal. Or, make a smoothie with yogurt or oatmeal.
3. The mistake: forgetting the fruits. There are rarely people choose fruit and vegetables as the breakfast menu.

Produce for Better Health Foundation, recommend you to eat two servings of fruit and three servings per day. This amount, often considered too much if only eaten at lunch time and evening. Therefore, it would be nice if at the time of breakfast you are also consuming vegetables and fruit.

FIX: the consumption of at least one serving of fruit or vegetable at breakfast. Add sliced carrots and green onion pepper omelette you or eat the fruit pieces as closing dish breakfast.
4. Error: the number of your breakfast is too little. Again time is too often blamed as the cause of a person could only perfunctory breakfast.

The advice says: Breakfast is like a King, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a pauper, be forgotten.

Research in Israel, was a woman of obesity that mengasup more calories at breakfast, eat less at dinner. The result they could lose weight faster than women who are a little breakfast but dinner in great numbers.

FIX: select low or no source of protein and complex carbohydrates lemal when having breakfast. This is more healthy than You just breakfast yogurt. Or can also consume a handful of nuts as a companion to the yogurt.

Nuts are a healthy carbohydrate source that is also loaded with healthy proteins. Nuts can keep you full longer, so the number of lunch and dinner you become a little more.

Beware of mercury in cosmetic products

Beware of mercury in cosmetic products
Beware of mercury in cosmetic products

Beauty products that we use to beautify appearance, may be contain a chemical harmful mercury.

Of course cosmetics contain mercury is illegal, but there are some products that are known to not have a permission path, usually sold online.

Please check the content of the products listed in the product label cream, soaps, or lotions. If there is a word “mercurous chlorie”, “calomel”, “mercuric”, “mercurio”, or “mercury”, listed the product usage, stop it. cara mengatasi hidung tersumbat

Mercury also found mostly in cosmetic products that are marketed as “anti-aging” (Antiaging), or “skin lightening” (skin Whitener), who claimed to be able to remove wrinkles, blackish spots, as well as acne scars.

Exposure to mercury on the skin can cause harmful effects. Pregnant women, breast-feeding infants and children are the most vulnerable. Mercury can also interfere with the baby’s brain development and the system of her nerves. That’s why pregnant women and nursing mothers is obligated to avoid illegal cosmetics.

“Infants and children can also be exposed to mercury when touching the face or neck of her mother who was wearing cosmetics contain mercury,” said Arthur Simone, senior medical advisor to the Food and Drug Administration.

The most common myth about kidney disease

The most common myth about kidney disease
The most common myth about kidney disease

Kidney disease serious disease category entry must soon be addressed medically followed by changes in the pattern of life. If not, the kidneys can stop functioning and this means fatal for the sustainability of its victims alive.

Humans have two kidneys are shaped to resemble red bean under ribs of man.

The kidneys have a vital function that is, as a sieve fibres metabolism of the body, maintaining the balance of minerals in the body, help regulate blood pressure, producing the active compounds of vitamin D to maintain bone health, stimulates the production of red blood cells and regulates the levels of chemicals in the body that ultimately helps the heart and muscles can function properly.

Even though it has a very important function, not many people understand what exactly is meant by kidney disease and anything that could be a trigger.

Numerous myths floating around, often makes people confused and wrong took a step in his efforts to keep the kidneys stay healthy. Below are six myths about kidney disease, the following explanation is actually based on the facts of the science.
Myth 1: kidney disease is a rare disease.

You may be surprised to learn that quite a lot of kidney disease sufferers in Indonesia. At the end of 2015, noted there are about 96 thousands of sufferers of chronic kidney disease stage five.

The who States, 54 percent of the cause of death in Indonesia was due to chronic diseases,

and kidney disease is a disease that the number continues to increase each year.

High blood pressure, diabetes, a family history of kidney failure, age over 60 years, are factors that increase the risk of kidney disease.
Myth 2: you will know if you have kidney disease.

Unfortunately, most people with kidney disease, do not know the ailment from the outset. Because in the early stages of kidney disease, most people don’t have any symptoms.

Symptoms may not appear until the disease reaches an advanced stage renal. The best way to find out if you have kidney disease was checked by a doctor.
Myth 3: testing for kidney disease is a long and expensive process.

Testing to see or no kidney disease, relatively inexpensive. The test can be done in two ways, namely through a simple urine test to find out Your protein and blood test to estimate GFR (glomerular filter rate).

GFR number will tell how well your kidneys are working.
Myth 4: If you have kidney disease risk, there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.

Not all people who are at risk will suffer from kidney disease. You can protect the kidneys with a natural and healthy way of eating, exercising regularly, controlling blood pressure and blood sugar, keeping a healthy weight, quit smoking, and not taking any medication has redundant.

All these steps will help you keep the kidneys, to stay healthy and reduce the risk of kidney disease.
Myth 5: no one knows what causes kidney disease.

The two most common causes of kidney disease are diabetes and high blood pressure. Both of which can harm your kidneys by causing damage to the small blood vessels in the kidneys. Many other conditions can endanger the kidneys for example:

-Heart disease
-Glomerulonefritis, a disease that causes inflammation in the kidneys
-Polycystic kidney disease, which causes the formation of cysts in the kidney
Myth 6: the only treatment for kidney disease is dialysis.

Not all people with kidney disease need dialysis. Kidney disease is a progressive disease. In the early stages, usually must be managed with regular exercise, healthy eating and natural patterns, as well as medicines from the doctor.

With this approach, most people can slow or stop the progression of kidney disease and enjoy a normal lifestyle. That’s why it’s so important to find and treat kidney disease early on.

Dialysis or kidney transplantation is only necessary if Your kidney disease got worse and developed into kidney failure.

Left and right Brain difference

Left and right Brain difference
Left and right Brain difference

You may have heard people describe him having the nature of “right-brain” or “left brain”. Actually, what is the difference of the two brains?

Left brain is often described in terms of dominant have the ability or math counts, while the right brain is synonymous with creativity.

The brain is considered to have two parts because these organs have two parts, which respectively have differences. manfaat sit up

Scientist Roger Sperry was the one that a lot of research about the human brain and how each of the parts of the brain work, either independently or interlinked chime.

Both hemispheres this give each other information, for example observation remote through the corpus callosum that connects the two.

The right brain hemisphere controls the muscles in the left part of the body, while the left hemisphere controls the muscles on the right side of the body. When you wink right, it was the work of left brain.

Because the two hemispheres is connected, then the damage on one side of the brain will affect on the body instead.

In General, the left-hemisphere dominant language function: to process what we heard and play a role in the function of the talk. Part of this exercise the functions of logic and computational mathematics. When we want to get the information, part of the left brain will look it up from memory.

Right cerebral hemispheres have the main functions in spatial ability, recognize faces, and process music. This section also do math, but only on the comparison and estimation.

The right part of the brain also helps us envision a complete visual and got the exact reason on what we see. It also plays a role in the brain’s language, especially referring to a person’s tone of voice and context.

The tendency of use of part of the brain is actually very complex than just right or left. For example, some people throw the ball with his right hand, but he writes with a neat use of the left hand.

Naturally the brain will always keep a balance of control and assigning some functions on both belahannya. The Division of these functions are also intended to let the brain works efficiently.

Most people are actually more dominant right hand is controlled by the left side of his brain.

“The imbalances of the brain is very important for good brain function. This makes the second part be had specialties, increasing the capacity of the function of the process, and avoid conflicts resulting from these two parts are trying to work, “said Professor Stephen Wilson of University College London.

Tips on Finding the Pokemon in Pokemon Go Fast

Pokemon GO Niantic Labs developed jointly Nintendo lets you catch Pokémon in the real world. The location of the Pokémon in Indonesia are generated automatically using a data Pokémon GO Location on Google Maps Indonesia and the data Ingress, Niantic Labs previous game. From the second application, you find locations such as PokeStops, Gyms and all points of interest in this game.

Additionally, Pokémon GO Hack app also use various types of areas based on data from Google Maps to determine the location where a certain type Pokémon should appear and you can find. You need a water type Pokémon? Then you need to follow the river, lake, or coastline. Below we provide a guide where you can find various types of specific Pokémon based on the location of the Pokémon in Indonesia.

Although the locations below have been tested previously and compiled from various sources already found certain Pokémon by type of location, but we can not ensure 100% you will find a certain type Pokémon there. Certain types of exclusive Pokémon not appear there, only the possibility of greater. Also make sure you also use Pokémon radar facility in the lower right side of the screen, when you tap brings up a list of Pokémon near you today, and are characterized by their footprints. The fewer tracks, the closer you are to their location.

Urban Mobile lazy? Cobain Only Cheat Pokemon GO, Can for Android and iOS!
Frustrating as it can only Pokémon that’s it? Cobain following way, you can get Pokémon from other countries, the easy way!
Also Read
If where you live, or where you play now are far from typical locations Pokémon in Indonesia, just make sure you do not nge-cheat ya … Because you still can get different types of Pokémon by way incubate eggs, and later, in the renewal of this game in the future , will also open the option to exchange Pokémon with other players … in addition, later you can also create your own in-game PokéStop.

Oh yes, if you have more information about the location of Pokemon in Indonesia based on the Pokemon-type, pour through a column like it!

Location Type Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Emerging Possibilities
Bug Type Rural, farmland, fields, woods, large garden or playground Caterpie, Weedle
Dragon Type A famous place and landmarks in major cities, or characteristic of a country Dratini
Electric Type Around the area of industrial, power generation Pikachu, Voltorb
Fairy Type Location tombs, churches, landmarks and famous monuments Clefairy
Fighting Type Stadiums, arenas and large gym mankey, Machop
Fire Charmander Type Settlement, Vulpix, Growlithe
Flying Type Rural, farmland, fields, woods, large garden or playground Pidgey, Spearow
Type Graveyard Ghost Gastly, Haunter
Grass Type In an area that has fertile land, farms, forests, gardens, all open space with grass, a playground, and a settlement with a green area Bulbasaur, Exeggcute, Tangela
Ground Type railroad and airport, open areas, wetlands, ditches, river or outdoor parking spaces Sandshrew, Diglett
Ice Type In snow-covered areas Dewgong, Lapras
Normal Type Can you find anywhere! Rattata, Meowth
Poison Type About marshes Bellsprout, Grimer
Psychic Type In a place with grass or green open spaces, beaches or hospital Abra, Drowzee
Rock Type In the vicinity of the mining, parking lots and highways, big buildings in public places Geodude, Onix
Steel Type Building, around the railway (be careful not to stand in the middle of the rail yes!) Magnemite
Water Type In the surrounding waters, including rivers, lakes, oceans, coastal waters, dams, ports or waterways Psyduck, Poliwag, Magikarp

A man’s Erection is normally five times overnight

A man's Erection
A man’s Erection

A few decades ago, to test whether a man has erectile disorders congenital expert will ask the guy wearing a roll of paper around the penis.

When in the morning paper was torn, it means that the results are good. It signifies his erection at night.

According to Dr. Tobias Kohler, candidate Professor of urology from the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, erection that plagued man throughout the night is an important marker of body functions.

“A healthy Man should experience the erection of three to five times throughout the night,” said Kohler.

Throughout the day the brain releases a chemical called noradrenaline, hormones which inhibit erection. When we fall asleep, the brain just releasing this substance a bit. That’s why the penis would be easier to harden.

An erection occurs sporadically throughout the night, no matter whether you are awakened in the condition or not.

Smooth circulation

The condition of an erection while sleeping is very important because it indicates the blood flow to the penis is running smoothly. Fluency is also required when passions overflow.

Therefore, if a man is having a hard time erection while sexual intercourse but may want to undergo spontaneous erections during sleep and in the morning, chances are the problem is psychological factors.

Conversely, if spontaneous erections at night does not happen it will most likely have occurred disturbance of blood circulation to the penile organ. This condition also showed the presence of the disease has not been detected, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or blood vessel blockage.

Erection repeatedly at night will also keep the penis tissue soft and flexible so blood flow is getting lancara while libido goes up.

“It’s important this recurring erection occurs due to the ability of the penis to dilate or stretching can decrease if not have long smooth muscle is contracting,” said Kohler.

He even mention if not trained to relax contractions and long penis length can be reduced.


Don’t worry if you find the presence of decreased violence the erection in the morning. “You may still experience erections at night and woke up in conditions of no erection,” he said.

Even so consult a doctor if you do not experience an erection in the morning for a few months.

“There are Chances of heart disease, depression, or chronic stress. The absence of an erection can also indicate low testosterone levels, “explained Kohler.

If the disease causes be addressed, for example, consumes the static for lowering cholesterol or hormonal therapy, it is very useful for improving the quality of erection.

Why Morning Erections more often in young men?

Why Morning Erections
Why Morning Erections

A healthy man and still young surely memorized morning attacks, with terms that describe the spontaneous erections in the morning, usually occur when the eye is still sleepy.

The phenomenon is very common, and in the world of medicine, also known as nocturnal penile tumescence with (NPT).

Although the erection is often realized in the morning, but actually NPT may occur three to five times overnight. penyebab mandul

“Typically experienced on a teen or young adult men, because in this age of hormones are clearly on the rise. It also causes the erectile frequency higher and need a release, “said Gloria Brame, Ph.d, an expert for Sexology.

Brame said, along with the age of the NPT will be reduced because the level of testosterone and sexual function is also declining.

Although the NPT is often considered sexual dreams occur due, but experts explain that this spontaneous erections occur naturally. In other words, dreaming or did not keep an erection to occur. In fact, on a baby in the womb can occur.

“Men’s Body spontaneously generate an erection in the middle of the night to pump up the penis with the flow of new blood,” said Uta Demontis, clinical sexologist.

Other experts say that while sleeping BRAKES we can no longer control the movement of muscles, including the penis.

“The majority of spontaneous erections occur due to hormonal surges and increased that lead to dream or make men aware of their penis so sensitive,” says Brame.

During the day, the brain will secrete a chemical anti-erection so that will not happen at the time of erection is not appropriate. Well, when the sleep factor inhibitor that did not exist, so any spontaneous erections happen.

In this way Help the abdominal Rampingkan less than a week

In this way Help the abdominal Rampingkan less than a week
In this way Help the abdominal Rampingkan less than a week

If the belly looks great, but your body slim, don’t despair. It could just be due to bloating, not because of the fat. Bloating can be caused by the slowness of the digestive system that is common in women over the age of 40.

However, the research shows, you can speed up your metabolism and digestion systems work with menus and simple lifestyle changes. Apply the suggestions below as soon as possible and get a flatter stomach in less than a week.

1. Add: two types of fibers
Clear constipation can make flatulence. One easy way to get rid of it is with the breakfast menu rich in fiber seperit whole wheat cereal, vegetable and fresh fruit to ensure the adequacy of the amount of daily fiber.

Based on studies from the University of Toronto, researchers say that consuming two kinds of fiber at once i.e. the soluble fiber (e.g. from bran) and insoluble (e.g. from tubers or fruits lined his skin) is the most effective way to prevent bloating.

Both work together to draw water into the colon and speed up the Elimination of food scraps, clear Joanne Slavin, PhD, Professor of food science and nutrition at the University of Minnesota.

2. reduce: Sodium
Sodium make your body retain water, so your body look more fat in the abdomen including. Most of us eat more than twice as much sodium to reach 3,400 mg a day, whereas recommended is 1,500 mg a day, according to the CDC.

Subtract eating salty foods and check the content of sodium on food labels, which typically contains about three-fourths of the recommended daily intake.

3. Add: foods rich in potassium
Foods such as bananas and potatoes helps your body get rid of excess weight caused by the water and minimize the size of the middle part of your body.

The extra fluid is usually present for two main mineral that controls the amount of water in your body, namely, potassium and sodium, unbalanced.

You can restore the balance that by increasing your intake of potassium to the optimum level i.e. 4,700 mg per day. Food is the source of potassium that is secure, but not supplements.

Potassium supplements can potentially cause heart rhythm becomes abnormal and can even cause heart attacks, especially in people with kidney problems or heart problems, said Leslie Bonci, MPH, RD, a nutritionist in the main Come Ready Nutrition.

4. reduce: Sugar alcohols
Our bodies don’t really can digest low-calorie artificial sweetener. Bacteria in the large intestine will ferment them and causing gas and even diarrhea. Check the label of food packaging, reduce foods containing sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, and lacitol.

5. Add: white water
A pretty healthy body fluid can help flatten your stomach, Bonci said. When there’s enough fluid in your body, food fibers will be better able to draw the liquid into the lower position of the bowel and to prevent constipation.

When the air gets into the digestive system, you will experience a stomach full of gas so a protruding. Quickly eating or drinking, drinking through a straw, suck on hard candies and chewing gum, can make you swallow air.

“Therefore, when to eat, Chew with closed mouth with slow,” Bonci said. Reduce carbonated beverages (soda) replace it with juice or water